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What is Grand Prix Legends (GPL)?

GPL is a racing simulation for the PC that was published in 1998, yes you read correctly, 22 years ago. In 1998 GPL simulated the 1967 Formula 1 Grand Prix season and included eleven historic race tracks. In 2020 it simulates much more...

Why a GPL 2020 Demo?

Thanks to the GPL community who has kept this ancient software alive in the last two decades

  • by still driving it offline against the AI and online against humans,
  • by extending it with new mods simulating new racing series, like F1 1955, F1 1965, F1 1966, F1 1967 Extra, F2 1967, F1 1969 Extra, Can-Am 1966, Can-Am 1971, Sportscars 1967,
  • by creating over 600 tracks,
  • and by creating many tools & utilities,

the fans have built a gigantic universe for sim racing. This demo shall give you the possibility to enjoy the best of GPL in a fully playable demo game to get a feel why it is still alive after such a long time and to get you excited about delving deeper into the GPL universe.

What do you get?

The GPL 2020 Demo contains ten cars from the major mods, four tracks, all original patches, modernized graphics and latest fixes and improvements made by the GPL community, that have been created in the last 22 years. A full GPL mod normally includes a field of cars with individual car physics and tracks to fully represent that year of racing. This demo includes the best cars of all mods.

  • Cars

One car was chosen from each of the nine major mods plus one additional car from the original 1967 F1 simulation to demonstrate how far we have come in 22 years. Conveniently, the driver champion in each year drove these cars (with one exception). The cars are:

1955 F1 Mod: Mercedes W196

The 1955 Mercedes W196 simulates brake fade and has a light indicator in the cockpit to show the condition of your brakes. The light is not historically correct, but very helpful.

GREEN light = full brakes
YELLOW light = reduced brakes
RED light = almost no brakes 

If you want a normal dash without any indicator light until you push the brakes too far and get a yellow or red indicator you can use the tempfade.mip. Just go to C:\GPL 2020 Demo\cars\cars18\c00\Optional Brake Fade Light\ and copy the tempfade.mip file into the main c00 cars folder C:\GPL 2020 Demo\cars\cars18\c00\. If you want to go back to the original brake fade light indicator, just delete the tempfade.mip file again from the c00 cars folder C:\GPL 2020 Demo\cars\cars18\c00\.

1965 F1 Mod: Lotus 33/Coventry Climax

1966 F1 Mod: Repco Brabham BT19

1966 Can-Am Mod: Lola T70 Mk2/Chevrolet 358.0 cu in/5.882L

1967 F1 Mod: Repco Brabham BT24

1967 F1 Mod: Lotus 49/Ford Cosworth

1967 F2 Mod: Matra MS5/Ford Cosworth

1967 Sports Cars Mod: Ferrari 330 P4

1969 F1 Mod: Matra MS80/Ford Cosworth

1971 Can-Am Mod: McLaren M8F/Chevrolet 494.9 cu in/8.110L

  • Tracks

Four tracks were chosen for the GPL Demo Championship. The goal was to choose one track from each mod that best represented that mod year or was used for many years over several different mods.
Note: Some tracks include options that you can use. Have a look into the track folders located at C:\GPL 2020 Demo\tracks\.

1) Monza 10k

Country: Italy
Circuit Type: Racetrack
Track Type: Real Track
Track Author: John Basara
Released: September 27, 2004
Turns: 9
Meters: 10000
Miles: 6.213
Track Folder Name: monza10k

The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is a historic race track located near the city of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. Built in 1922, it is the world’s third purpose-built motor racing circuit after those of Brooklands and Indianapolis. The circuit’s biggest event is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix. With the exception of 1980, the race has been hosted there since the series’s inception.

Built in the Royal Villa of Monza park in a woodland setting, the site has three tracks – the 5.793-kilometre (3.600 mi) Grand Prix track, the 2.405-kilometre (1.494 mi) Junior track, and a 4.250-kilometre (2.641 mi) high speed oval track with steep bankings which has been unused for many decades and is now decaying. The major features of the main Grand Prix track include the Curva Grande, the Curva di Lesmo, the Variante Ascari and the Curva Parabolica. The high speed curve, Curva Grande, is located after the Variante del Rettifilo which is located at the end of the front straight or Rettifilo Tribune, and is usually taken flat out by Formula One cars. The route has been frequently changed since 1922: Some chicanes have been rebuilt over the years with larger run-out zones to meet the demands of modern motorsport. Curves that were once a left-right combination are now taken in reverse order. Already in 1935 the three chicanes Prima Variant/Rettifilo, Variant della Roggia and Variant Ascari known today were set up in the form of tyre stacks in order to slow down the speed of the racing cars. Later, however, the tyre stacks were removed again and used again only in the 1970s, after the track had claimed many lives due to the enormous speeds. In 1954, the two steep bends built in 1922 were rebuilt to be even steeper. The overall course, which was a combination of both tracks, was almost exactly ten kilometers long and was used four times in Formula 1 races (the last time was in 1961). In the meantime the steep curve combination is falling into disrepair.

2) Road America 1971

Country: USA
Circuit Type: Race track
Track Type: Real Track
Track Authors: Ginetto, Remy Roesz
Released: Februar 24, 2017
Turns: 14
Meters: 6514
Miles: 4.048
Track Folder Name: roadamer

Road America is a motorsport road course located near Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin on Wisconsin Highway 67, in the United States. It has hosted races since the 1950s and currently hosts races in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, NTT IndyCar Series, SCCA Pirelli World Challenge, ASRA, AMA Superbike series, IndyCar Series, and SCCA Pro Racing's Trans-Am Series.

Road America was designed and built by avid racing enthusiast and highway engineer Clif Tufte, whose sand and gravel company owned the land on which Road America was built. Seed financing came from members of the local community and regional SCCA chapters. The construction of the track began in April 1955. The natural topography of the Kettle Moraine area was utilized for the track, which sweeps over the tops of rolling hills and plunges down through bottom land then up the steep narrow ravine known as Thunder Valley. The track is 4.048 miles in length with 14 turns. Except for recent re-modeling work on Turn 1 that changed it very slightly, the track is the same today as when it was first laid out.

3) Sebring International Raceway 1967

Country: USA
Circuit Type: Racetrack
Track Type: Real Track
Track Author: Ginetto
Released: October 9, 2010
Turns: 11
Meters: 8354
Miles: 5.19
Track Folder Name: sebr67

Sebring International Raceway is a road course auto racing facility in the southeastern United States, located near Sebring, Florida.

Sebring (pronounced sea-bring) Raceway is one of the oldest continuously operating race tracks in the U.S., its first race being run in 1950. Sebring is one of the classic race tracks in North American sports car racing and plays host to the 12 Hours of Sebring.

The raceway occupies a portion of Sebring Regional Airport, an active airport for private and commercial traffic that was originally built as Hendricks Army Airfield, a World War II training base for the U.S. Army Air Forces.

The course was held at the end of the 1940s on the former airport grounds of the Hendricks Army Airfield and was modelled on European motorcycle racing courses. The first race took place in 1950, but on an 8.3-kilometre course that used two runways. In 1983 the race took place on a shortened 7.6 kilometer course. From 1984 to 1986 the length was 7.82 kilometers due to conversion work in the pit area. Then the north-south runway was left out and replaced by a new piece of asphalt with the so-called carousel, so that the length shrank to 6.6 kilometers. In 1991, the eight and nine bends and the carousel were removed again. The length was reduced to 5.9 kilometers. At the end of 1995, the Fangio chicane was relocated. This shortened the course to 5.7 kilometers. In 1997 the entry and exit of the Ulmann Straight (in front of the finish curve) were redesigned, which extended the course to 6 kilometers. At the end of 1998 the last rebuilding took place. The hairpin bend (bend 5) was converted into an S bend. In 2001 the surface was renewed from curve 1 to curve 10. At the end of the 1959 Formula 1 season the first Grand Prix of the USA took place here - but it was also the last time that Formula 1 was a guest here.

4) Zandvoort 1967

Country: Netherlands
Circuit Type: Racetrack
Track Type: Real Track
Track Author: Papyrus
Released: August 31, 1998
Turns: 16
Meters: 4192
Miles: 2.605
Track Folder Name: zandvort

Circuit Zandvoort (Dutch pronunciation: [sɪrˈkʋi ˈzɑntfoːrt]; known as Circuit Park Zandvoort until 2017) is a motorsport race track located in the dunes north of Zandvoort, Netherlands, near the North Sea coast line.

Between 1952 and 1985, the Formula 1 race track, originally almost 4.2 km long, hosted 30 official World Championship races under the name of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands between 1952 and 1985, with a few interruptions. In 1959 the World Road Championships were held on the circuit. The circuit winds its way through the dunes north of Zandvoort. The original course character consists mainly of fast curves and a hairpin curve after start and finish. The film Grand Prix shows a continuous lap from the driver's perspective, shot in 1966. Since the track no longer met the safety standards after 1971 - the F1 racing driver Piers Courage had already had an accident here at the GP on 21 June 1970 and was burned in his car - it was rebuilt and only re-included in the Formula 1 calendar in 1973. A new chicane with the name Panorama had been added, but despite the new standards the British driver Roger Williamson died at the GP on 29 July 1973, he also burned in his F1 car. Another chicane was added in 1979. On 20 July 1980, the German Formula 2 racing driver Hans-Georg Bürger also died in an accident here during a race to the Formula 2 European Championship. After 1985 the Formula 1 did not appear any more in Zandvoort. In 1998 the circuit was last rebuilt and extended to its current length of 4.26 km. The track is still used for various racing events such as the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM), the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), the A1-GP series and some national races.

From 2001 to 2018 the race track was part of the DTM calendar without interruption.

In May 2019, it was announced that Formula 1 would return to Zandvoort from 2020 after a 35-year interruption. The contract is initially dated until 2023, and the date is expected to be set at the beginning of the racing calendar. Characteristic is the roller coaster ride, because it is constantly over hills, but also treacherous hilltops and bumps. Also very special is the permanent dune sand, which is blown by the coastal wind on and over the roadway.

  • GPL 67 Patch v1.3 / GPL 1.3 Community Patch / Long Track Patch

This patch adds long track support, extra tracks support (1024), track/mod specific track.ini support, mod specific graphics support, mod specific program covers support, mod specific layout menus and some other things.

  • GPL Head Movement Patch

This demo has the patch applied that moves the driver`s head in reaction to steering forces.

  • GPL No Letterbox Patch

This demo has the patch applied that removes the top and bottom black bars for a larger viewing area.

  • Force Feedback 2 Patch

This demo has the patch applied that reduces Force Feedback (FFB) latency and removes all non-physics forces. By default the core.ini file of this demo has these FFB settings:

[ Joy ]
;Force Feedback 2 Patch Settings
allow_force_feedback = 1              ; Use FF if device has it 0 = No *  1 = Yes
force_feedback_damping = 0       ; force feedback damping coefficient - Default = 0
force_feedback_latency = 0          ; force feedback latency (secs) - Default = 0
max_steering_torque = 400          ; steering torque in N*in giving max device force - Default = 400
                                                                       ; FFB steer vibe freq mult = 0.2000000

If you want to change the Force Feedback (FFB) settings for your wheel go to C:\GPL 2020 Demo\ and edit the values of the core.ini file.

Note: The higher the value of max_steering_torque, the lower the forces. For heavier cars, like sports cars, you may want to use 450, 500 or even 600 instead of 400.

Tip: Windows Game Controller settings for a Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel:
- Wheel rotation/angle: 540°
- Forces settings: 60 % total strength of all forces and for any single force
- Automatic centering: by the game (recommended)

How to start playing?

1.  These are the simplest steps for you to drive the GPL 2020 Demo as quickly as possible. When you have used the installer, use the link GPL 2020 Demo on your desktop, or go to your Windows Start menu and look for the GPL 2020 Demo entry to start the demo. Or if you have downloaded the zip version, unpack the zip and start the demo by double clicking on the gpl2020demo.exe file.

2.  In general, GPL uses the green button to go forward and the red button or <Escape> key to go back. The first time you start the demo, you will need to select and calibrate your controls and set your screen resolution as shown in steps 3, 4, and 5.

3.  Click the Options button. Click the right arrow button until the Controls Menu is displayed.

  • Click the Steering field and turn your steering wheel to select it.
  • Click the Throttle field and depress your throttle to select it.
  • Click the Brake field and depress your brake pedal to select it.
  • Click the Shift Up field and depress your shift up button to select it.
  • Click the Shift Down field and depress your shift down button to select it.

4.  Click the Calibrate Joystick(s) button.

  • Turn your steering wheel all the way to the left, then all the way to the right, then back to center.
  • Fully depress then release your throttle pedal.
  • Fully depress then release your brake pedal.
  • Click the OK button to return to the Controls Menu.

The GPL 2020 Demo supports modern Force Feedback wheels, gamepads and keyboards.

Tip: When you configure your wheel for the first time, it may happen that you cannot assign your Brake even so the demo detects it. If this happens, assign for example the >B< key (or any other key) on your keyboard just to be able to exit the Controls Assign window. Then click on the Calibrate Joystick(s) button. The Brake Axis 1 will display Unassigned, but even so you will be able to push your brake pedal and the calibration menu will show it. Calibrate your Steering, Throttle, Brake and Clutch, then click the OK button. Go back to the Joystick Calibration menu. Now you will be able to assign the brake pedal instead of the >B< key. Click on the Calibrate Joystick(s) button again. Calibrate your Steering, Throttle, Brake and Clutch again, then click the OK button.

5.  Click the right arrow button until the Graphics menu is displayed.

  • The demo initially starts with the OpenGLv2 rasterizer for the 3D accelerator.  You may find that the Direct3D7v2 rasterizer works better depending on your PC`s configuration. You have to test what works best on your system. For details please read the next paragraph.
  • Select your screen resolution in the drop down list. If your screen resolution isn't displayed in the list, select the nearest available resolution.
  • Click the green button to return to the Main menu.

6.  Click the green button to enter the Track Select menu in the Training mode for practice driving. If the Training mode is not displayed, click the right arrow button until it is.

7.  Click the green button to enter the Track Session menu.

8.  Click the green button to enter the car and drive it. You will be in the 1965 Lotus 33 on the Road America track.

9.  When finished driving, press the keyboard <Escape> key and then press the keyboard <Enter> key to exit the car and return to the Track Session menu. If and when you crash, press the <Shift> and <R> keys together to return to the track.

10.  GPL does not run in a normal PC window so follow these steps to exit the demo: Click the red button, OK button, red button, red button, then any key.

This demo comes preloaded with a demo driver profile GPL Demo2020. You can create a new player with your name by going to the main menu Player Info and click the New button.

OpenGL v2 or Direct3D7 v2 rasterizer as 3D accelerator?

The demo initially starts with the OpenGLv2 rasterizer for the 3D accelerator.  You may find that the Direct3D7v2 rasterizer works better depending on your PC`s configuration. You have to test what works best on your system. You can find the two different rasterizers in your demo installation in C:\GPL 2020 Demo\rasterizer config files\. Just copy the app.ini of the rasterizer you want to use into your main demo folder C:\GPL 2020 Demo\ and let Windows override the existing file. If you want to go back to the other rasterizer just copy the other app.ini in your main demo folder.

How to get the best graphics?

The GPL 2020 Demo comes already with optimized graphics settings in the core.ini file which is located in your main demo folder C:\GPL 2020 Demo\.

But you can improve the graphics inside your graphics card driver menu. If you are using a NVIDIA graphics card, I recommend using the NVIDIA Profile Inspector for advanced graphics settings. The Antialiasing Supersampling is e.g. not adjustable in the standard NVIDIA control panel. Download NVIDIA Profile Inspector here:

When this guide was created, the current version was NVIDIA Profile Inspector

In order to use the NVIDIA Profile Inspector with the demo you have to create a profile for the gpl2020demo.exe and also for any GPL mod that you might install. For example for the GPL F1 1955 mod you would need to create a profile for the gplc55.exe.

Below you'll first see very moderate graphics settings for a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card, as a compromise between detail and good frame rate for races with a full starter field. Please scroll further down for the settings for an AMD Radeon graphics card.

Raise the values for Antialiasing - Setting and Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling when you think your PC system can handle it. But do a quick test race with a full grid after each value you have changed to see if GPL still runs smoothly with full 36 FPS (frames per second).

Tip: I highly recommend creating a backup of your profiles for NVIDIA Profile Inspector. Click on the button Export user defined profiles and choose the option Export all driver profiles. As it can happen that your profiles are gone after a major Windows update and also after a NVIDIA graphics card driver update.

Below you can now see high-resolution graphics settings for a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 graphics card for the best possible graphics. These settings can cause frame rate drops on weaker PC systems.

Below you see high resolution settings for an AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics card.

How do I run GPL on a laptop?



Keyboard Hotkeys

The following list of keyboard hotkeys can be used from within the car:
ESC - Return to Pits/Retire
F1 - Help Display
F2 - View Replay
F3 – Options
F10 - Toggle Driving View
PAUSE - Pause/Continue Game
ALT+F - Toggle Frame Rate Display
SHIFT+R - Car Reset (see section below)
SHIFT+T - TellTale Reset

Additionally the following hotkeys are available to control the replay and live feed views:
C - Change to Next Camera
V - Change Focus to Next Driver
SHIFT+C - Change to Previous Camera
SHIFT+V - Change Focus to Previous Driver
Keypad1 (END) - Fast Forward to End
Keypad4 (Left Arrow) - Frame Rewind
Keypad5 - Play/Pause Replay
Keypad6 (Right Arrow) - Frame Advance
Keypad7 (Home) - Rewind to Start
SHIFT+Keypad4 – Rewind
SHIFT+Keypad6 - Fast Forward
Keypad (Del) - Switch to Live Feed Mode

Repairing damage and righting on overturned car

If you sustain serious damage or are otherwise unable to drive your car, you can simultaneously press <Shift> and <R> keys together to be placed upright on the racing surface with repaired damage, a fresh set of cold tires, and a topped off fuel tank.

How do I get my stick shifter of my steering wheel to work in GPL?

You need to patch your gpl2020demo.exe. For more info have a look at the tools GPLshift and FairShift.

Car setups

Each player’s car setups in Grand Prix Legends Demo are chassis specific, and will be stored in individual track directories located in C:\GPL 2020 Demo\players\PLAYER__NAME\ setups\TRACK_NAME with the file extension of the setup designating the chassis that the setup was designed for. These are as follows: 

1955 F1 Mod Setups
za1 (Mercedes W196)

1965 F1 Mod Setups
zb1 (Lotus 33)

1967 F1 Setups (Original Papyrus)
ze1 (Brabham BT24)
zf1 (Lotus 49)

1966 F1 Mod Setups
zc1 (Brabham BT19)

1969 F1 Extra Mod Setups
zi1 (Matra MS80)

1967 F2 Mod Setups
zg1 (Matra MS5)

1967 Sports Car Extra Mod Setups
zh1 (Ferrari 330/P4)

1966 Can-Am Mod Setups
zd1 (Lola T70 5.0L)

1971 Can-Am Mod Setups
zj1 (McLaren M8F)


In each case the final digit in the extension will designate the car class, with 1 being Grand Prix, 2 being the Advanced Trainer, and 3 being the Novice Trainer. Thus a setup for the GP Lotus 49 would have the extension .zf1 while a setup for a novice trainer would be .zf3.

The Matra MS80 has adjustable front and rear wings and the McLaren M8F has an adjustable rear wing.

Note: Some cars include options that you can use. Have a look into the car folders located at C:\GPL 2020 Demo\cars\.

Tip: The default car setup of the 1965 F1 Lotus 33 uses a Steering Ratio of 18.1.
Depending on your Force Feedback steering wheel you may want to change the wheel Steering Ratio at the Car Setup menu to 8:1, 9:1 or 10:1. For the other cars, please do the same, depending on your steering wheel and your preferences. Remember that the wheel rotation/angle setting in your Windows Game Controller setting also has an influence on your steering ratio setting of your car setup of the GPL 2020 Demo.

Here you can see GPL setup basics:


The default setups carry 5 to 7 gallons of fuel.  Increase the fuel load to finish a full GP race.

Pit Board

The pit board is used by your team to convey vital information to you as you approach the start/finish line on each lap. The pit board in Grand Prix Legends Demo functions very much like pit boards used by race teams in 1967. The most important thing to know is that some of the information on the pit board is always one lap old. This is due to the time required to collect the information and then post it to the board.

Practice: P# indicates your current position on the provisional starting grid. If it shows P1, then you are on the pole. M### indicates the number of minutes remaining in the session (this is always current). In the middle of the pit board you will see the time of the last lap you completed. The item beneath this depends on whether or not you are P1. If you are P1, the bottom item will be the first four letters of the driver's last name who is currently P2, along with the difference between your best time and his. If you are not P1, the display will be similar, but will represent the driver who is currently P1 (on pole), and the difference between his best time and your best.


What are the recommended system requirements for the GPL 2020 Demo?

4GB Patch

The 4GB Patch is a tool that patches any x86 executable so that it can access 4 GB of memory instead of just 2 GB. This patch should only be used by users with a computer that has a 64-bit OS and more than 6 GB of RAM. This patch is particularly useful for players who are looking to use many hi-res texture packs. Several GPL drivers have reported that the 4 GB Patch has a positive impact on their system. For example the demanding Spa67 track runs smoother.
Download 4GB Patch:

How do I race online with the demo?

With the GPL 2020 Demo you can play a Multiplayer game. You just have to enter the IP in the multiplayer menu of another PC in your home network or enter the IP of a PC on the internet that is hosting.

But with this Demo you do not have access to the iGOR racelist that displays the list of all available dedicated GPL server. Therefore you would need the full version of Grand Prix Legends. Then you can use GPLSecrets that includes the programs GEM+ and iGOR (interactive GPL Online Racing). For further information please have a look here:

Where can I download more GPL tracks?

At the GPL Alternative Track Database (GPLTD) you can download over 600 (!) GPL tracks.
There you can also find for example the full 37 ¾ miles Isle Of Man Mountain Course.
Go to:

New Spa67 track

A must have is the track Spa67 which has been built from scratch:

How to install new GPL tracks for the GPL 2020 Demo?

Run the GPL track installer via the TrackInstall.exe and change the installation path from …\SIERRA\gpl\gpl.exe to your demo installation, default is C:\GPL 2020 Demo\gpl.exe.

Do not untick Update 67SEASON.ini during installation. The track is now installed into C:\GPL 2020 Demo\tracks\. Then go to C:\GPL 2020 Demo\seasons\. Open the 67season.ini and copy the whole text of [Event1]. If you have for example installed the Spa67 track then you need to copy:

name=XXVII Grand Prix de Belgique
shortname=Belgian GP

Then open the c18.ini and paste the copied text at the end after [Event4] which is Zandvoort. Now change [Event1] of spa67 to [Event5]. And also raise the number of events on top to numEvents=5. Leave a blank line between each event.
If you want to do a full GPL 2020 DEMO CHAMPIONSHIP do the same with the LGseason.ini.
You need to do that procedure for every new track you install to the demo.

Lee's GPL Motorworks Patches

For example:

How do I get in-car telemetry & race status?

Use the tool Pribluda. Pribluda is an add-on for GPL that provides real-time telemetry information to the driver. It enables drivers to see at glance their sector times, tire temperatures and the current race standings, and more. This picture shows a full set of information available, which can be tailored to suit your preferences.
Pribluda website:
Download the latest Pribluda version here:

To make Pribluda work with the demo see the paragraph further down entitled How to make Pribluda work with the GPL 2020 Demo and GPL mods?.

GPL Replay Analyzer (GPLRA)

GPL Replay Analyzer is a program with which you can load up your Grand Prix Legends replays and analyze/compare driving lines and different kinds of telemetry. You can replay the races to see how it developed and generate race reports, practice reports and various statistics.

Here you can download the latest version of the GPL Replay Analyzer by Martin Granberg:

You can select up to five different laps. It doesn't matter if the driver of the lap is a local human, AI-car, multiplayer human nor in what kind of session the lap was set. GPL Replay Analyzer supports all tracks. Furthermore you'll find lots of different tools and features in GPL Replay Analyzer.
For further details please go to

Where can I get the full GPL mods?


How to install GPL mods to the GPL 2020 Demo?

Let`s for example install the GPL F1 1955 mod to the GPL 2020 Demo.

1) Go to the C:\GPL 2020 Demo\ folder and run the gpl.exe and add a new player. Exit the demo again.

2) Install the GPL F1 1955 mod into the C:\GPL 2020 Demo\ folder.

3) Install GEM+ which is part of GPLSecrets:

Important: Do not install GPLSecrets into your GPL 2020 Demo installation! You need GEM+ 2.5.32 or higher to run GPL mods! For GEM+ indexing needs to be activated (Windows default setting), because GEM+ needs to access the GPL 2020 Demo player profiles!

4) Start GEM+, click on the button Installs, then click on the button Add and set the path to the gpl.exe which is C:\GPL 2020 Demo\gpl.exe.

5) In GEM+ click on the button Carsets and set the inactive carset GPL55 to active by clicking on the button > in the middle of the menu.

6) In GEM+ choose your new player (here Player One). Then make sure that you are using the 1955 carset (GPL55, CARS55). Hit the green button to create and launch the gplc55.exe. In the GPL 2020 Demo you need to calibrate your controller/ wheel for the new 55 mod. At Options deactivate all driving aids, by unticking Automatic Shifting, Braking Help and Throttle Help. At Options also set your graphics resolution (for example 1920 x 1050) and Detail Bias to almost maximum to the right (+). Then run a 55 mod Training and use the Car Type Grand Prix, or run a 55 mod Single Race.

Note: You can also change your Driving Resolution and Graphic Options and other player related settings for each mod in your players folder in C:\GPL 2020 Demo\players\.

Tip: In GEM+ click on Configure button and tick Link Carset to Player, do not tick Confirm Changes on Exit.

How to make Pribluda work with the GPL 2020 Demo and GPL mods?

1) Do all steps 1) to 6) of the above section How to install GPL mods to the GPL 2020 Demo?.

2) Download the latest Pribluda version here:

3) Unpack all content of the into C:\GPL 2020 Demo\.

4) Start GEM+ and tick the Enablepribluda option within the window you seen on the right bottom of GEM+.

5) Click on the green button and run the 55 mod that is now working with Pribluda.

How to install GPL and GPL mods? How to update GPL?

See the GPL Easy Installation Guide:


GPL 2020 Demo Forum at SRMZ

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GPL Links

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Lee's GPL Motorworks

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Final Thoughts

Grand Prix Legends isn`t for everyone, but the same adage is true for many of the finer things in life. Provided you`ve got the patience to stay with it past the first feelings of frustration, Grand Prix Legends will reward you with one of the most intense racing experience you can find on a personal computer.

We hope that after you finish reading this, you will be able to jump right into the game, setup your controller, graphics and sound and head for the track and your first crash. Don`t worry we`ve all done it.

If you run into problems be sure to check out the GPL 2020 Demo Instructions (PDF file) in the folder C:\GPL 2020 Demo\ and the GPL 2020 Demo Forum at SRMZ

Keep your eye on the SRMZ website for future community developments for GPL.

On the behalf of all of the artists involved with the creation of this demo, I wish you good luck with your new passion.

(2019) by the GPL Community & the Grand Prix Legends Preservation Society (GPLPS)
Contact the GPL 2020 Demo team at

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These are the key events of Grand Prix Legends (GPL) from 2019 to 1998.


GPL 2020 Demo
F1 1968 mod
Isle of Man 1:1 track


Sportscar 1967 GT Extra mod (new version of GT mod)
F1 1967X mod (online edition of Historical mod)
Legends of GPL mod


Pace Notes patch
F1 1955 mod
Night patch
Weather patch


OnTrack patch
Can-Am 1966 mod
RPYDump tool
F1 1967 Historical v2 mod


Head Movement patch
No Letterbox patch
Custom Rank website


Fog patch (updated with Night fog)
Spa 1967 track (historicaly correct version of Spa)
Can-Am 1971 Historical mod update
Pitstop/Refuel patch


Pitstop/Repair patch
DirtGearPatch patch


F1 1967 Historical mod
Can-Am 1971 mod
Stratos Rocks mod (updated with Renault Alpine)


F2 1967 mod
Sportscar Springbock Series GT 1968 (carset for GT mod)
GPL Facebook Group website
F1 1969 Extra mod (new version of 1969 mod)
Fog tool


GPL Recently website
GPL Replay Analyser v7.9 tool
Sportscar 1967 GT mod
GPL Setup Manager
GPLPS`s Blog website, GPL Preservation Society
GPL TestMod mod
Lancia Stratos mod


Online Grid Tool
Mexico multi season update
Tasman Series 1964-68 carset
F1 1967 1.3 mod update
Targa Florio track
60fps v2 patch
F1 1969 1.3 mod (part 3 for 1969 mod)
Grand Prix Legends Wiki website
60fps patch
F1 1966 2.0 mod update
F1 1965 2.0.2 mod update


GPL Setup Comparator tool
Rouen Historical 2.0 track update
Replacement Rasterizers patch D3D, OpenGL
Zandvoort multi season track update
GPLWait patch
GPL TCR tool
GPL 1966 Mod Light carset (for Voodoo video cards)

GPLshift+ tool
Pribluda 1.1 tool


F1 1966 mod
GPL Setup Manager tool
A Day In Heaven movie
GPL Easy Installation Guide
GPLPS installer


GPL on The Moon track
Thundercars 2.0 mod update
F1 1965 2.0.1 mod update
Night Mod (mod based on 1965 mod)
Fog - TestTrk track
GPL Alternative Track Database (GPLTD)


F1 1969 mod
GPL Glance patch
Thundercars mod (semi-fictional cars from the CART era)


GPLtv tool
Sim Racing Mirror Zone website, forum and host of GPL
iGOR tool (lobby for online racing)
F1 1965 mod
Pribluda tool (displays various data in-game)


BWpatch patch (bandwidth patch for online racing)
GEM+ tool (mod and track manager)


-   -


GPLEA website (the GPL Editors Association was the first group that created the 1967 F1 real looking cars of the original GPL carset)


GPLReplayAnalyzer tool


Brands Hatch track (first real addon track)
Dubai track (first fantasy addon track)


VROC tool (lobby for online races)
Grand Prix Legends release
Grand Prix Legends demo


654 identified members with active contributions.

All SRMZ members wish you all the best and thank you for the time, but also for the joys and sorrows, hopes and difficulties you have encountered in editing GPL.
Without you, Grand Prix Legends (GPL) would not have become such a rich universe, a world in itself.

A - Aad Gagesteijn, Aaron Liebling, Achim Kraft, Achim Trensz, Adam Preston, Addie Waelti, Al Heeley,  Alain Bosco, Alan Dickeson, Alan Goss, Alan Layton, Aldo Regozani, Aleksi Elomaa, Alesi-27, Alex Cameron, Álex Murcia, Alexander Mueller, Alexis Bigonville, Alison Hine, Amir Kamal, Anders Vähäkuopus, Andras Barnahazi, Andre Barbosa, Andrea Carlisi (yDNA), Andreas (becky), Andreas Ritlop, Andreas Streu, Andreas Wilke, Andrew Gameson, Andrew Olley, Andy Schremser (ChiefWiggum), Anton Norup Sørensen, Antoni Pujol (nes), Arne Martin Hanssen, Arthur Slabbaert (in memoriam - R.I.P.), Art-J, Arturo Pereira, Atumno.

B - Balue, Barchetta, Bart Westra, Barty Mee, Bas Van Meurs, Ben Williams, Bernard Saulais, Bernd Nowak, Bert Knops, big_jim_uk, Bias, Bill Cooper, Bill Guillaume, Bill Tillman, Bingo, Björn L. Finnestad (Simbear), Bo Bruce, Bob Berman (Royale), Bob Hund, Bob Simpson, Bob Thurman (Buzard), Border Reiver, Bradley Price, Brandon Farrar, Brent Adams, Brian Heiland, Bruce Kennewell, Brubeck, Bruce M. Johnson, Bubba Jones, Buk Nekkid, Bushgold, buttermilch, Buzz O' Dea.

C - Carlo Messeri, Carlos Costa, Carsten Siebholz, Casper Cripenberg, Cesare Ascari, Charlie Mark (CJM), Charlie Williscroft, Chaz Wood (chazOmatic), CheeseHead, Chris Kelly, Chris Kleineberg, Chris Moses, Chris O'Brien, Chris Payne, Christian Hatzenbichler (Hatzi), Christian Hedrich, Christian Roy, Christian Wohlfahrt, Christoph Frick (ridcully), Christoph Schirmer, Christophe Esneault, Chubb Pearson, Chuck Hummer, Clyde Ransom, Colin Taber, Costas Sourelis, Cris Eichler, Cristian Aguile, Csomor Benő, Culmone67, Cyril Montallier.

D - D. "Dents" Hopkins, Dale Hillan, Damir Kranjcec (Habanero), Dan Archey, Dan  Gullick, Daniel Cean-Bermudez, Dan Murray, Darius Billmoria, Dark, Darren Hosein, Dastardly, Dave Allam, davef, Dave Gill, Dave Mack, Dave Noonan, Dave Turman, David Buttery, David Crowell, David Fletcher, David Kaemmer, David Layton, David Sabre, David Wright, Davide Grappolo, Denis Bertrand (db312), Dede Driver, deegee, Delgs, Denis Fedorov, Denis Garese, Denis Hengeveld, De Pretto, Derek Downie, Diego Doni (dido), DigiMortal, Dmitry Gravilenko (Gaus), Dirk Wagner, Dizzy, Doc Roberto, Don Lodge, Donnie Yourth (Manfred Cubenoggin), Doug Arnao, Doug Hardy (DoOg), Dukeman, DuncanS, Dunky.

E - ED76, Ed Hut, Edwin Solheim, Edwin Van der Velde, Eguzo, Eldred Pickett, Elio75, Emmanuel Sorianno, Eric Bourgouin, Eric Cote, Eric Sutton, Ezechiel47.

F - Faston, Fast Tommi, Fausto Gomes, Fejes Gabör, fela, Ferdinand Schulze, Ferdinand Sommederer, Fernando Montero (Arch), Flop, Fortholf5, Francesco Caballero, Francesco Molteni, François Dubuc, François Schott, Frank Siebeck, Fred Faster, Frederic Simian, Freddy Hell, Frederic Gubbels, Fredrik Nornemark, Fulvio Policardi.

G - Giammy Bianchi, Gianfranco Spinella, Gaizka Lopez, GAMMAWORX, Gary Tall, Gene Fryman (Codehound), Gentleman Driver (G.D.), Geoff Oliver, Geoff Scully, George Smiley, Gianluca  Branchesi, Gilles Benoit, Gilles Jausset, Gilles Maltais, Gilles Ressegat, Gilles Sauthon, Ginetto, Giovanni Tifosi, Glen Leugner (Mytrack), Glyn Lloyd, Gordon_S, Götz Poppitz, Graeme Nash, Graham Hosking (AWOL), GrandPrixYannick, Greg Liebzeit, Greg Stewart, Greger Huttu, Gregory Fedoruk, Gringo Hairpiece, Grizz(loursse), Guillaume Nachin, GustauA, Gustavo Olivera, Guy Wilson.

H - hagapito40, Hans Marfan, Hans Van Zand, Harald Boers, Harri Ikonen, Herb Moore, Herb Weisrock, Herko Ter Horst, Heyjoe67, Horst Tartoni.

I - Ian Barrett, Ian Pinkerton (IAN), Ian Withycombe, Ian Wright, IDav, intruder.

J - J.P. Muntaaa, J. Phelps, Jack Rambo, JackSeller, Jack Ulstad, Jacques Bossy, Jake Myers, James Sowell, Jamie Rosenzwaig, Jan Kohl, Jani Posta (fajanko), Jary Jokinen, Jason Hill, Jason_Peters, Jason Woods, Javier Febrero, Javier Marante, Jay Beckwith (Draftdancer), JBviking, JCT Hypa, Jean François Bovy, Jean Michel Chauveau, Jeff Antley, Jens Linblad, Jeroen Goedhard, Jesse Laakso, JHalli, Jim Barnes, Jim Benshaw (Strava), Jim Erickson, Jim Griffie F.T., Jim Pearson, Jim Tickle (Jetman), Jim Turley, Jimmy Bo, Joachim "crash" Blum, Joachim Bödeker, Joe Owens, Joe Shaw, John Basara, John Black, John Bradley, John Dolan (R.I.P.), John Fransson, John Harrison, John Hinkle, John O'Keefe, John Ollis, John Roberts, John Simmons, John Smith (DieGrueneHoelle), John W. King (R.I.P.), John Woods, Johnny Fiama, Johnny Lugnuts, Jon Ferraez, Jon Jones, Jonas Matton, Jonathan Merry, Jonathan Slark, JonnyA, Jonny0, Jops Siffert (R.I.P.), Jorge Cerezo, Jose Cagigal, José Luis López Nieto, Josh Taylor, JSJ, Juan Montoya, Juan Pablo Munter, Juha Kallioinen, Juho Honkala, Jumi2, Jürgen Schunke, Jürgen Voss, Jussi Kaskia.

K - Kanzo, kardum31, Kari Ikonen, Karsten Borchers, Keido, Keir, Keith Ballard (Saiph), Keith Wakefield, KELLLAAA68 (-XK-), Ken Drouillard, Ken Tarvin, KenKunen, Kenny, Kevin Clark, Kevin Durbster, Kevin Largent, Kieron, Kimmo Kokkonen, Kinst Von Sterga (Lenny Trapp), Klas Fjellgren (Klas), Klaus Hörbrand, Klaus Thon (CityTea), Klemens Sensen, Knappo, Kris, Kory Miller.

L - Larry C, Larry Currie, Larry Ford, Larry Holbert, Lee Bowden (Lee200), Lee Gaunt, Leon_90, Levincars, Lloyd Cole, Lou Magyar, Luca Panella, Luca Varani, Luciano Produzioni, Luis Babboni.

M - Magnus Thome,  Maik Hennel, Malcolm Mitchell, Marc Bevan (uotymab), Marcel Borsboom, Marcel Offermans, Marc Ostermann, Marco Medici (Irridux), Marcos Mirande, Mario Müller (Orpheus), Mario Wojahn, Mark Beckman (Cheapracer), Mark Daniels, Mark Ide, Mark Lane, Mark Stone, Mark H. Walker, Marko Räsänen, Markus Forsström, Martijn Janse, Martijn "Taffer" Keizer, Martin (smogbike) Pitts, Martin Cooper, Martin Granberg, Martin Huiskes (MECH), Martin Hunt (Maddog), Martin Krejcirik (tramker), Martin Svacha, Martin Zutter, Mat Lavers (Enfield), Matthew Knutsen, Matt Phelps, Mauritz Lindqvist, Mauro Alcamisi, Mauro Licciardello, Mauro Traversa, Maxx, McClark, McTshirt, Mc Wolf (Wolfgang), Meatwater, Meik Thiemann, Michael Barlow, Michael Hompus, Michael Kaulfuss (Kauli), Michael Schoëtz (Michal), Michal Beran (Berca), Michel Vignères, Michiel Pompert, Miguel Rodriguez, Mika Pihlamo, Mike Bennett, Mike Cotchin, Mike Tyler, Mike Wilkerson, Mirko Pavlovic, Monger 33, Monte Smith, Moshe Pinchevsky, Mr Arek, Mr. Photog, MrX3m3(Mr X).

N - Nate Hine, Nathan Akerlund, Nedo Radulovic, Neil Lowe, Neil McCollum, Neil Vaughn, Nellie Pennington, Neville Roberts, Nick Dalton, Nick Reel, Nick Winters, Nicklaus, Nicolas Petit, Niels Heusinkveld (Niels-at-Home), Nigel Nichols, Nigel Pattinson, Nils Ruwisch (KOTR / Joe Lafrite), Nokiabrier, ntoxcated, Nurbi Yogi.

O - Olaf Lehmann, Oliver Alexander, Olivier Gosseaume, Olivier Grand, Olivier Zaiit, Olli Suominen, Ondrej Haderka (Kuratko), Oren Barnea, Ottavio Silveira, Oversteer, Owain Shaw, Ozpata.

P - Pablo Fernandez, Pal Steinar Berg, Pascal Celton, Pascal Fourcade, Patrick "Petrov" Gilmore, Patrick Daly, Patrick Meyer, Patrik Lindqvist, Pau Freire, Paul Barvinko, Paul Harrington, Paul Hoad, Paul Jackson, Paul McCluskey, Paul Moss, Paul Newton, Paul Skingley, Paul Smith, Paul Temple, Paul Thurston, Paul Whitfield (Badblood), Paul Wright, Pavel Zherebtsov, Pedro Johansson, Pete "Jamnut" Gaimari, Pete Gale, Peter Allam, Peter Andersson, Peter Burke, Peter Forster, Peter Lohmar, Peter Mc Kerron, Peter O'Connor, Peter Prochazka, Peter Van Der Burg, Peter Walker, Petteri Pajunen (brr), Phil Flack (Guru), Phil Neville, Phil Paterson, Phil Woodward, Philippe Charuest, Phillip Derrick, Phillip Glowacki, Pierre Dietze (Tormentor), Piotr Kozlowski, Pirenzo, Pioujd428, Polar Blue, Poldo, PTRACER, Punko 353.

Q - Quattro.

R - Ralph.B (Burger), Rami Nachum, Raul Valenzuela, Raymond (Ray) Geering, rcb, Remco Moedt, Remco Hitman, Remy Roesz, reddog, Renzo Krutsch, Ricardo Nunnini, Richard Cooke, Richard DeLong (Fireeyes 2), Richard Mace, Richard Marchand, Richard Neville (luna), Richard Towler, Rick King, Rick Osborn, Roberto Rosati, Robert Szikszo, Robert Zeugin, Rodney Ramsay, Roger Wennström, Roland Ehnström, Rolf Farrell, Roman Skrebbas (Sky), Ron Costin, Ron (Keeper) O'Dell, Ron Percival, Ron Zurnetz, Ronnie Bresich, Rory Gibson, Rrevved, Rudolf Goertz (Slowmoe), Rudy Dingemans (R.I.P.), Runar Bjornstad, Ruud Berest, Ryk Penfold.

S - Sam Doobie, Scott Przybylski, Scott Stark, Scott Steiner, Scottie, Sebastien Riou, Sergio Loro, Sevekeve, Shaun Collins, Shawn Belleque, Shifterdog, Shnee Fee, Shutaro, Siboku, silence, simbear, Simone Garese, Simon Brown, Simon Stobbart, Simon Ventevogel, Sirace, Soeren Scharf, Speed Eraser, Squizzo, Stefan Loos, Stefan "Nenne" Magnusson, Stefan Roess, Stefan Zscharmack, Stefano Balzani, Stefano Zampedri, Steff, Steffen W (Weitzdörfer), Stephen Ludwig, Steve Lee, Steve Barnett, Steve Cloyd, Steve Evasic, Steve Life, Steve Smith, Steven Wilton (GX Tracker), Stewart Fisher, Stefano Bucci (Stex68), Stones, Stuart Bartosiak (Sbart_UK), Stuart Boyle, Stuart Cowie (MadCowie), Stuart Thorp, Svend Seegert, svenvagent, Swen Beuchert.

T - Tato, T. Yamato, Tedjr, Teppo Lehtonen, Terrence "St Smytherie" Dorsey, Teru, Thomas J.S. Brown, Thomas Laechele (Thx1138), Thomas Witte, Thor Fischer, Thorsten Reuter, Thorsten Thierolf, Tifo, Tim Mc Arthur, Tim Medcalf, Tim Stelten, Tim Wheatley, Timo Kujala, Timo Nurmi, Tino Lange, TIX, Toin, Tom De Muer, Tom Guérout, Tom Heinzmann, Tom Johnson, Tom Pabst, Tomislav Petricevic, Tommie Van Ostade (TvO), Tony Adamowicz (R.I.P.), Tony Krist, Tony Mau, Tony Whitley, Tony Stevens, Toploader, 2re (tore), Torodd Fugelsted, Totoro, Traveller, Tristan Lefevre (cevert), Tyrrell.

U - Udonn, Ulrich Pilz-Volmerding (R.I.P.), Umrk, Urban Alsenmyr (Dr. Tooth), US Pits (collective site members contributors), Uwe Schuerkamp.

V - Vadim Kuhtin, Valerio Nolano, Valex, Luc Van Gossum, Vladimir Mahnytkin, Volker Hötz, Von Blade.

W - Warren Bennett, Waylon, Wayne Fitzgerald, Werner Stahl, Werner Dielen (GTV), Willi Herrmann (WiHerr), William Campbell, Wolfgang Buthe (ducwolf), Wolfgang Woeger.

X - Xavier Gállego (xug), Xiang (SV3000).

Y - YelloGreen67.

Z - Zaf, Zozo’s.


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