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1967 F1 Setups & Replays by Ferdinand Schulze

GPL Setup Manager

GPL Setup Manager is a stand-alone program for changing the setup values without having to start GPL.  You can easily load and modify any of your existing GPL setup files or create new ones.

It will work for most major GPL mods - 1965, 1966, 1967, 1969, 1969, 1969, 1969 Extra, 1967 Sportscar, 1967 F2, 1971 CanAm, 1966 CanAm, 1955 and 1967 Sportscar Extra.  It will not work for the 1967 Extra Mod as it uses multiple car sets and is too difficult to program.

In addition, the GPL Setup Manager includes updated engine specification tables for each engine currently used by Mods.

Download GPL Setup Manager:

The gpl.exe accesses a unique setup file for each chassis on each track.  These setup files are stored in track directories in the GPL directory "Players\Player Name\Setups".  Since you can create multiple different players, each player has its own set of setup files.

I strongly recommend that you create individual player names for each mod to keep your setup files separate.

Each chassis setup file has a three-letter extension that identifies the chassis. These are:

1955 F1 Mod Setups

ia1 (Vanwall VW55)
ib1 (Gordini T16)
ic1 (Connaught Type B)
id1 (Maserati 250F)
ie1 (Ferrari 555)
if1(Lancia D50)
ig1 (Mercedes W196)
ih1 (Mercedes W196 SL)
ii1 (Ferrari 625)

1965 F1 Mod Setups

bb1 (Brabham BT11)
br1 (BRM 261)
co1 (Cooper T77)
ea1 (Brabham BT7)
fe1 (Ferrari 1512)
lo1 (Lotus 33)
mu1 (Honda RA272)

1967 F1 Setups (Original Papyrus)

bb1 (Brabham BT24)
br1 (BRM P115)
co1 (Cooper T81)
ea1 (Eagle AAR103)
fe1 (Ferrari 312)
lo1 (Lotus 49)
mu1 (Honda RA300)

1966 F1 Mod Setups

bb1 (Brabham BT19)
bc1 (Brabham BT11-Climax 2.5L)
bd1 (Brabham BT11-Climax 2.7L)
be1 (Brabham BT11-BRM 2.0L)
br1 (BRM P83)
bs1 (BRM 261)
co1 (Cooper)
eb1 (Eagl-Weslake)
ea1 (Eagle-Climax 2.7L)
fe1 (Ferrari 312)
ff1 (Ferrari 246)
mu1 (Honda)
lo1 (Lotus 43)
lp1 (Lotus 33-Climax 2.0L)
lq1 (Lotus-BRM 2.0L)
mc1 (McLaren)

1969 F1 Mod Setups

bb1 (Brabham BT26A)
br1 (BRM P139)
co1 (Lotus 63)
ea1 (McLaren M7)
fe1 (Ferrari 312)
lo1 (Lotus 49B)
mu1 (Matra MS80)

1969 F1 Extra Mod Setups

bb1 (Brabham BT26A)
br1 (BRM P126/138/139)
co1 (Lotus 63)
ea1 (McLaren M7)
fe1 (Ferrari 312)
lo1 (Lotus 49B)
mu1 (Matra MS80)
lp1 (Lotus 49)
mv1 (Matra MS84)
mw1 (Matra MS10)
bc1 (Brabham BT20)
bd1 (Brabham BT24)
cp1 (Cooper T86B)
eb1 (Eagle AAR101)
ec1 (McLaren M9A)

1967 F2 Mod Setups

bb1 (Brabham BT23)
lf1 (Lola T100/FVA)
lb1 (Lola T100/BMW)
ea1 (McLaren M4A)
fe1 (Ferrari 166)
lo1 (Lotus 48)
mu1 (Matra MS5)
co1 (Cooper T84)
ld1 (Lotus 41B)
bg1 (Brabham BT14)
pr1 (Protos 16)
ms1 (Matra MS7)

1967 Sports Car Mod Setups

ga1 (Ford MkIIB)
gb1 (Chaparral 2D)
gc1 (Lola T70)
gd1 (Chaparral 2F)
ge1 (Ferrari 330/P4)
gf1 (Ford MkIV)
gg1 (Mirage M1)
gh1 (Ford MkI)
gi1 (Porsche 910)

1967 Sports Car Extra Mod Setups

gk1 (Ford MkIIB)
gl1 (Chaparral 2D)
gm1 (Lola T70)
gn1 (Chaparral 2F)
go1 (Ferrari 330/P4)
gp1 (Ford MkIV)
gq1 (Mirage M1)
gr1 (Ford MkI)
gs1 (Porsche 910)
gt1 (Alfa Romeo T33)

1966 Can-Am Mod Setups

ka1 (Chaparral 2E)
kb1 (McLaren M8D)
kc1 (Huffaker Genie)
kd1 (Lola T70 4.5L)
ke1 (Lola T70 4.9L)
kf1 (Lola T70 5.0L)
kg1 (Lola T70 7.0L)
kh1 (McLaren Elva MkI)
ki1 (McLaren M1B 5.5L)
kj1 (McLaren M1B 5.9L)
kk1 (McLaren M1B 4.7L)

1971 Can-Am Mod Setups

ha1 (McLaren M8B/C/E)
hb1 (McLaren M8D)
hc1 (Lola T260)
hd1 (Lola T220)
he1 (Ferrari 712M)
hf1 (McLaren M8F)
hg1 (Porsche 917/10)
hh1 (Shadow MkII)


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